While we continue to furnish our homes and selves with our favourite green shade – Neo Mint – this season, trend forecaster WGSN and Coloro once again join forces and offer insight, or should we say, outlook on the colours we will be rocking in Spring and Summer 2023. 



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In these unprecedented times, we all know the feeling of living from day today. If we wanted or not, we have had to accept not to know what tomorrow brings, but with easing lockdown restrictions, it will hopefully become a little easier to plan ahead – at least we will be able to do so when it comes to our wardrobe. Thanks to WGSN and Coloro.


In a fruitful and ongoing collaboration, the global authority on trend forecasting, WGSN, and universal colour system, Coloro, get together and merge innovation and expertise, predicting the top five colours penetrating and conquering the fashion world in AW and SS, respectively. 

In 2018, for example, WGSN and Coloro forecasted Neo Mint to become the colour of the year 2020. Fast forward three years, and you can see the shade still dominating our fashion world. The ‘coolness that feels crisp and contemporary’, as Coloro reports on Instagram, lets Neo Mint continue to play at the top of the key colours until AW21/22. 


The consumer’s desire to escape the digital world and maintain and physically embody a forward-thinking mindset gives the colour a greater scope in 2021. The rise of Neo Mint once again proves that this duo – WGSN x Coloro – is unmatchable, so what shades will enter our wardrobe in the future? 

Sustainability will be key to understanding the future of the fashion industry.


In April, Coloro launched the new set of key colours for SS23 in collaboration with WGSN. In an IGTV, Joanne Thomas, Head of Content at Coloro, discloses the secret and lets us know what SS23 has in store for us, colour-wise. 

«As we enter 2023, we are really going to see a renewed optimism emerge as the world adjusts to the brighter days that they were really yearning for throughout the pandemic», Thomas announces in the video. Optimism, hope, stability and balance will be the core elements driving the consumers’ interest. And as the world has slowed down, we learned to embrace the cottage come lifestyle with nature and the countryside becoming more relevant and much loved, which reflects in our love of organic hues.

Other trending colours for SS23 will be saturated and stimulated, driven by positivity and influenced by the virtual world that has become a part of our daily lives over the past year. According to trend forecasters, people are yearning for colours that represent restoration and support of physical and mental health as healing habits become a constant in our lives. 


But before showing SS23 favourites, we wonder, how does Coloro determine colours?

Based on a 3D model, every colour has a specific 7-digit-code which represents a point where Hue (wheel), Lightness (axis) and Chroma (radius) intersect. The spectrum of the colour system contains about 1.6 million colours that the human eye can perceive. 


Coloro then developed a catalogue of about 3500 different colours together with fashion industry leaders and gathering consumer interests. There are 160 Coloro Hues in all colours, Lightness values range between 00 and 99 the Chroma (aka Saturation) also goes from 00 to 99. A combination of these values, thus, defines the exact colour. 


So, in the wake of the pandemic and following lifestyle trends, what shades made it to the top of the list for SS23?

Digital Lavender (134-67-16) wins Colour of the Year. As Thomas describes it, purple will «return with a bang», although the colour is already established in the youth market. The shade becomes a colour emblem for wellbeing. Furthermore, research suggests that colours with shorter wavelengths, such as Digital Lavender, bring forth «a sense of calmness and serenity and are really powerful», according to Thomas. Purple is a colour we have become well acquainted with due to our digital life. The reality of our digital will soon be reflected and converge with the world off the screens. 


Next up: Luscious Red (010-46-36). The power of red will never go out of style, and indeed, be revived for SS23. The lightness and translucency of the stimulating red bring digital and real-life experiences even closer. Luscious Red is Hyper-Real, immersive and sensorial.


Embodying our close bond with nature, designs Sundial (028-59-26) reflect on the interest in craft, community and sustainability, as well as a balanced lifestyle. On Instagram, Coloro even mentions that the colour can be obtained naturally, either from food waste, plants or minerals. Its earth nature makes the colour humble, authentic and organic. 


Calm like the surface of the ocean in the doldrums, the bright, calm and clear mid-tone Tranquil Blue (114-57-24) reminds of water, while its lightness resembles the element of air. As the name indicates, the colour evokes a sense of tranquillity and stillness in an attempt to ‘counterbalance overwhelming emotions’. 


Not quite Neo Mint, but another shade of the family makes it to SS23 key colours: Verdigris (092-38-21). Situated between green and blue, the saturated colour will call for attention in SS23. Bridging the gap between retro and digital, the colour becomes causes a certain level of nostalgia. The name Verdigris comes from the greenish pigment formed on oxidised copper and becomes a trailblazer in the shift towards refreshing digitised colours. 

Although 2023 seems far away, we are in anticipation of seeing how brands will incorporate and converse these predictions in their upcoming collections. 

Watch the colours in motion on Coloro + WGSN (ascential.com)

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