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TL San Martín is a leather factory committed to the planet and sustainability. As a result, we can be your chrome free leather supplier.
Throughout this article, you will discover what chrome-free leather is and what benefits it has.



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What is chrome leather?

As a supplier of chrome free leather, we must first tell you what exactly chrome leather is. Chrome leather or chrome leather is tanned leather in which chrome is used for its manufacture.

To convert a skin into leather, the skin must be treated with different chemicals. One of the parts of the process consists of the tanning of the leather, where chromium generally intervenes.

It turns out that three-quarters of all leather made today uses chrome for its tanning. The chromium used in this process specifically is trivalent chromium, a completely safe substance that is not harmful to people who wear chrome leather.

Chromium is used to make long-lasting leathers that do not lose properties over the years. There are myths in chrome tanning that as a supplier of chrome free leather we are forced to disprove.

One of the most important myths is that hexavalent chromium is used for tanning, a carcinogenic chromium that is never used in the process.

The great problem of chromium resides in the waste that is generated and consequently in its impact on the environment.

Therefore, a chrome free leather supplier is a manufacturer that offers leather for which no chrome has been used in the tanning process.

Chromium-free leather benefits

First of all, let’s talk about the advantages of leather:

  • It is a durable material, being able to have garments that are passed from generation to generation.
  • It is obtained through a by-product of the meat industry. So a skin that would otherwise be wasted is recycled.
  • Leather is a biodegradable and circular economy material if the right chemicals are used.

That is why the main benefit of a chrome-free leather supplier is for the environment.
Chromium-free leather means less pollution, cleaner waste, and improved biodegradability.

TL San Martín your chrome free leather supplier

When choosing your leather supplier, you must bet on quality, but not only that, but also a supplier that aligns with the values of your brand.

At TL San Martín we are committed to sustainability, as an example of this you can consult the certifications obtained here.

If you are located in the footwear, textile, fashion or leather goods sector, we want to be your chrome free leather supplier. Get in contact with us.

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