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A leather hide supplier is a company that supply skin or leather to companies that use it in their production processes, that is, that incorporate leather into their products, normally as a material that adds value and sensation of quality to its customers.

To help you make the best decision, throughout this post, we will give you some advice so that you always choose the best leather hide supplier to acquire the material you need for your business, since this can greatly influence the success or failure in your business adventure.



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Leather hide supplier and manufacturers

Something to keep in mind when choosing a supplier is, obviously, its price. One of the most common ways to reduce the price of orders is to go directly to the manufacturer, since they will not charge an additional margin for the product for sale.

At TL San Martín we are manufacturers and leather hide supplier, we carry out the entire process from the moment we acquire the raw animal skin until we deliver the final product to your company, ready to be incorporated into garments, accessories, shoes and so on.

This also allows you to access the supplier’s entire catalog of products, since in many cases leather distributors who are not manufacturers will only have those products that are best sellers or that give them the most margin.

The importance of experience

Obviously, the experience of the leather hide supplier in the sector is extremely important. Not only do we mean that you have a great knowledge of the market, but often a long history implies a portfolio of satisfied clients, something that is of course important.

This satisfaction implies that customers receive the orders in the indicated time, with the requested quality.

TL San Martin is a leather manufacturer with more than 25 years in the sector that distributes its products mainly to clients located in the fashion sector.

Sustainable leather hide supplier

It is increasingly important for your customers to buy products from companies that are committed to sustainability. For this reason, it is important to be consistent and not limit yourself to the fact that your manufacturing process is sustainable, but that the products you work with must also be.

At TL San Martin we are committed to sustainability, as a sign of our commitment, we have various certifications that endorse us as a manufacturer and distributor of sustainable leather.

TL San Martín, your tanned leather and shoe leather factory

If you are located in the footwear, textile, fashion or leather goods sector, we want to be your leather hide supplier. Contact us.

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