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At TL San Martín we are manufacturers of ethically sourced leather. Today we are going to explain to you what ethical leather consists of and how we work from our leather factory so that it can be considered in this way.



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How do we obtain the leather?

One of the most important aspects and one of the most repeated questions is: how is leather obtained?

All the skin that arrives at the TL San Martín facilities comes from the slaughterhouses of the meat industry.
That is, we take advantage of the waste that the meat industry does not take advantage of, otherwise, this skin would be thrown in the garbage, so ethically sourced leather starts here.
Supplying ourselves in any other way would go against our principles and our values.

Ethically sourced leather: the importance of sustainability

Since this project began more than 40 years ago, we have always manufactured our leather based on sustainable and environmentally responsible practices.
In recent years, all this work has borne fruit and we have been awarded various certifications that guarantee our commitment to sustainability.

We believe that ethically sourced leather cannot be considered ethical if it is not sustainable. Without this type of practice, it would hardly matter where we get the skin from.
Under our criteria, there are different characteristics so that the origin of the leather can finally be considered as ethical.

100% green energy use

At TL San Martín, we exclusively use green energy, that is, that which is generated from natural resources, such as wind, solar or hydraulic energy.
Therefore, this type of energy is not polluting or harmful to the environment.

Sustainable certificates

Our process of manufacturing our leather of ethical origin, as we said, has received various certifications, among them we can highlight, in addition to the one mentioned above, two more.
On the one hand, we are pleased to have obtained the «Gold» rating from the Leather Working Group certificate, which certifies that our work strictly adheres to the highest standards in terms of sustainability.

On the other hand, the BIOdegradable certification of INESCOP, an institution endorsed by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness that certifies that our products comply with the ISO 20136 standard, related to the chemical products used and the biodegradability of our materials.

TL San Martin, ethically sourced leather manufacturers

When choosing your leather supplier, you must bet on quality, but not only that, but also a supplier that aligns with the values ​​of your brand.
At TL San Martín we are committed to sustainability with our leather of ethical origin, as proof of this you can consult the certifications obtained here.

If you are located in the footwear, textile, fashion or leather goods sector, we want to be your leather supplier. Get in contact with us.
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